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Winbrand Academy

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Unleash Your Potential

30 Day Personal Branding Challenge!!

A Step-by-Step Approach to Develop  Launch Your Personal Brand in the Next 30 Days

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In the 30 day Personal Branding Challenge: 
✅You Will identify Your Passion, Vision and Mission, Your USP, Niche & Audience
✅You will Create Your Brand Resume
 -Your Personal Branded Website
Your Personal Branded YouTube Channel & Podcast
✅ You Will Optimize Your LinkedIn and other Social Media Profiles
✅ You Will Learn How to Create Video, Audio, Image & Text Content
✅ You Will Learn How to Network and Nurture Your Audience

You Will also Learn How to Generate Leads & Earn  With Affiliate Marketing 

Learn How To Build a Powerful Personal Brand and Create a Lifestyle of Freedom

Learn how to Develop, Launch, Monetize and Scale Your Personal Brand. Articulate your Vision and Mission, find your niche and your USP, Set up Systems and launch digital products within 100 days, without any office or employees.

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A Life of FREEDOM awaits you!!

Now it is easy to Build your Personal Brand and along with it  start creating a passive income online through affiliate marketing and by selling your own products and services


What is Winbrand Academy?

The Only Online Academy which helps you Develop, Launch, Monetize and Scale your Personal Brand in a guided step-by-step way so that you can create a Life style of Freedom and Abundance


To  help  working professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers create a lifestyle of freedom by  developing their Personal Brand and earning multiple streams of  income doing what they love 


Help 100,000 People Achieve Freedom  by creating wealth through their passion using Personal Branding and digital media and sharing their special gift with the world.


Teach people how to develop their personal Brand and use it as a tool to create abundance and a lifestyle of Freedom for themselves.  They will be able to learn the  necessary personal, business and online marketing skills, through digital courses, personalized virtual coaching and highly supportive ecosystems.

About CEO & Founder

The CEO of Winbrand Academy is Vandana Nanda, an MBA with almost three decades of work experience in the  Corporate world  in IT and Education companies.


She also caught the  “Entrepreneurial Bug” when her children were young and she wanted more flexible work hours. She started a Software Training Institute in India which she ran for almost four years but moved to the United Kingdom with her family when her husband got posted there.

After a few years when her husband passed away unexpectedly at a very young age, she moved back to India with her two young sons. She took up a full time corporate job and focussed on her job and bringing up her kids. 

She always longed to do something on her own where she did not have to report to anybody and could carry on the work from anywhere online. After becoming an empty nester, when both of her sons left for college, she had more time and started looking at online opportunities.

She explored various options and in January 2020, decided to start her own Online Business and Online Personal Branding School. Vandana’s purpose is to help people brand themselves as Leaders and Authorities in either their specific niche or in whatever their passion is while creating an income doing what they love.


Connect With Vandana:

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Want To Start With Just The Personal Branding Freedom Model?

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Personal Branding Freedom Model
Silver Membership

Get Ready to take action and build your Lifestyle of Freedom

Learn how you can Develop, Launch, Monetize and Scale your Personal Brand to create a Lifestyle of Time, Money and location FREEDOM

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